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It can be hard to keep up with the hectic schedule of Tony Tyrrell. From new tour dates, album releases, reviews, interviews and more, see all the latest news and announcements compiled in one place.

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Exclusive Magazine refers to conviction as “this most beautifully crafted and genuinely heartfelt album” that “is vibrantly eclectic, centered on strong songcraft and not hemmed in by genres.”

About the songwriting they say “Tony details vignettes of life; creates moods threaded with emotions and concepts; and through these, communicates feelings and stories around relationships.”

Indie say that “we love a full length album that brings us on a story throughout. Tony Tyrrell’s conviction delivers this and more on his debut, so much so that we give it an 8/10 due to it’s diverse range of styles and introspective lyricism.” 

About the songwriting they say “Tyrrell is already drawing comparisons to The National, and even Leonard Cohen, beautifully marrying their respective strengths into a carefully crafted group of songs, weaving between genres and keeping the listener engaged throughout as he walks us down the road of life, filled with love.” say “Not often do you hear a sound that turns your head to listen. This was the feeling of listening to Tony Tyrell's music for the first time. Deeply rooted in passion for the art, Tyrell has released an 11 track marvel that has seriously impressed me!”

Midwest Record Illonis says  “Tyrrell takes a modern turn on singer/songwriter moving away from folk flavored into his familiar realm as a rocker. Speaking well to contemporary tastes, these looks at life are sure to hit home for many.” 

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