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Another Day

I've started to work with an American PR guy (Jon) towards the launch of my album - Conviction - which is scheduled for release August 12th. I found Jon by way of referral from someone else I was working with and I'm really happy with the direction in which things are moving.

Jon has already managed to find an outlet - AmericanBluesScene - that will premiere the video I've made for the next single release - Another Day - scheduled for Friday 24th. And he has also secured what is billed as a 30 minute conversation with Michael Boswell on Music Night At The Majestic. That will be broadcast / posted some time towards the end of July.

Getting some traction and positive news is really important to keep momentum going in an independent album project like mine. I expect to be plugging the album for a year or more. It's not flash or poppy music so if it is to be successful, it will be a slow burn. And that requires staying power. Staying power becomes easier when you get feedback and engagement. Every little helps.

As mentioned above, I made a video for Another Day and plan to make another for the last single that will be released before the album. That was a fun experience thanks to the guys at I'm sitting on a stool near a cliff edge and was filmed from various angles, including drone footage, playing the song. I will be cut into the video in which a young woman plays out a narrative that draws on the song's 'story'. I hope to see a rough cut by Sunday next (19th June) and to have the finished product by Wednesday, in time for the release.

In other news, I am expecting delivery of the CD any day now. That will be another milestone in the journey. Looking forward to seeing it and to playing it in the car, which has the only working CD device still available to me.

In somewhat related news (stay with me!) I did get a really cool vinyl player for my recent birthday. I'm enjoying the experience of dusting off old records (Dylan, Bowie, Pink Floyd, Horslips, Van Morrison, John Martyn...) and giving them a spin.

In fact, I found the experience of dusting off and playing the old records quite emotional. The crackle and static reminded me of the endless hours that I spent listening to, drinking in the music, without interruption, something that I don't find enough time to do these days.

So much to do...and that's it for now. Until the next time.

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