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Next steps...

So, Happy Daze has been out in the big bad online world for a couple of weeks at this stage. And it's doing ok. It has been included on a number of playlists, mostly with a coffee and relaxation vibe. The net result is that most of my listeners are in Brazil and Mexico - I kid you not! So I'm talking about changing the PR tack a little so that it finds a more appropriate home in the indie folk / country space.

I'm also chewing on what song to release next before the album is released in mid-July / late August. The album has a range of styles and sounds, some songs more poppy, some heavier, some more literal, others a little less so. My inclination is to go for something completely different. Slower, heavier, louder. But let's see.

Other news...the CD is in production and I should have the physical product in my hands within the next week or two. I'm really happy with the design which uses a fake mugshot photo taken of me when I was a kid touring the east coast of America with a marching/concert band. My sister suggested using it and it's turned out great. I'll share a photo here and on Instagram whenever it's cool to do so.

I'm also starting to work with a PR guy based in New York. He will be trying to get the album reviewed by magazines, bloggers etc. I'm finding it harder to find the right person this side of the pond. There are many people who work with the online stuff, but not as many that work outside of that, at least not that will work with an unknown artist. I guess I'll just have to do a James Joyce or Sam Beckett and create a stir elsewhere before I get recognised at home :-)

That's it for now. Thanks for signing up and for the reading this blog. I'll be in touch again soon. Happy Daze!

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