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Waiting impatiently

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

It's been a long but enjoyable journey getting to this point, which is waiting for a first full mix. The recording sessions in were fun.

We worked live and without a click track to get a more organic feel to the music, which is how I wanted it to be. You can only really do this if you are working with really good musicians. So I was lucky that my producer, Tommy McLaughlin, assembled a stellar band that included Johnny McCullough from Belfast on piano and keyboards, Jay Dickson from Derry on drums, and Declan McLafferty (guitars) and Marty Smyth (bass) both from Donegal. Chanele McGuinness dropped in later to add sparkling backing vocals and harmonies. There may be others adding a riff or two before we're done.

But all of that seems so long ago at this stage (early March) as I am waiting to hear whatever magic Tommy works with a first mix. After that I will 'live' with the mix for a while before heading back to Donegal for any final tweaking and sign off on a final mix which goes off to for mastering - basically to be polished up to 'sound' its best.

I reckon I should have everything ready to go by end-April. In the meantime I'm talking with graphic designers, PR people, and others who will be important in taking the project forward. All necessary but not as much fun.

Meanwhile, all I really want to do is write and record more songs. That's what brings the greatest pleasure and reward. I have a stockpile of material and am continuing to write. And as anyone who writes songs will know, the most important song is the one you're currently working on - you just kind of fall in love over and over again. No room for monogamy as a songwriter :-)

I'll keep you posted on developments as they happen. Until next time.

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Hannah Tyrrell
Hannah Tyrrell

cannot wait to hear 🎉

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